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If you are into coffee from Costa Rica, you will find that the country is home to many coffee brands. These brands come from many different places and exemplify the flavorful variations of coffee Costa Rica has to offer. But what Costa Rican coffee brands are available to consumers all over the world? This article will explore several Costa Rican coffee brands and their varieties available on 

Different Costa Rican Coffee Brands

Costa Rica is known for its different coffee regions, and its brands reflect this difference. Some of the most popular Costa Rican coffee brands include:

•       Café 1820,

•       Café Britt,

•       Café Rey,

•       Café Dorado,

•       Doka Estate,

•       Café Volio, and

•       Café Monteverde.

These brands will be explored in further detail below.

Café 1820 

This brand of Costa Rican coffee is named after the year coffee was first exported from Costa Rica to Panama. With Café 1820’s cultivation lands extending some 93,000 hectares all over Costa Rica, the brand is quite varied in its coffee bean production.

 The company also prides itself on growing coffee at 1,100 meters above sea level, the low mountainous height ideal for most coffee agriculture.

On Amazon, Café 1820 sells whole bean and ground coffee by the quarter, half, or full kilogram (2.2 pounds). The brand sells medium and light roast coffees of the Arabica variant. Finally, Café 1820 sells some gourmet coffees and coffees with traditional Costa Rican filtration methods. 

Café Britt

Café Britt has been in business in Costa Rica for over 30 years, but this has been enough time for the brand to establish a standing presence in coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, souvenir shops, and simple Cafés. 

This company emphasizes its experience in producing gourmet coffees in collaboration with local farmworkers and roasters.

You can find quite a few Café Britt products on Amazon, including dark roast, light roast, espresso, organic, and decaffeinated Arabica coffees. Café Britt’s coffees also come from various Costa Rican growing regions, including Central Valley, Tres Rios, and Tarrazu.

Café Rey

Café Rey is a long-standing Costa Rican brand that has sold coffees for over 65 years. Headed by founder and president Miguel Sanchez Picado, Café Rey produces what it considers to be the most exciting and exquisite blends of Costa Rican coffee — authentically and traditionally.

Café Rey can be found on Amazon in a ground bean, whole bean, dark roast, and premium varieties. These coffees are sold in quarter, half, and full kilogram bags. Café Rey coffee comes from the West Valley and Tarrazu growing regions.   

Café Dorado – Alimentos y Bebidas Regionales S.A.

Café Dorado is just one brand of the Costa Rican food conglomerate Alimentos y Bebidas Regionales S.A. It has been making coffee for over one hundred years and produces medium-roast coffees with a different body and a caramel aroma. 

On Amazon, Café Dorado is available as medium roast ground coffee. It is sold in half and whole kilogram packages that are known for their hints of caramel flavors. 

Café Britt® – Costa Rican Dark Roast Coffee:

* With notes of dried fruits and figs, this chocolaty dark roast from Costa Rica’s Central and Western Valley is Café Britt’s most popular blend.
* Founded in 1985, Café Britt is Costa Rica’s premier gourmet coffee company.
* A blend of the finest gourmet coffee beans from Costa Rica’s Central and Western Valley growing regions.
*Certified kosher and gluten-free.
* Premium ground coffee packaged for freshness.

View further details here on Amazon:
Café Britt® – Costa Rican Dark Roast Coffee:

Doka Estate

Doka Estate is a Costa Rican coffee brand that has a substantial history. In 1941, farmer Don Clarindo Vargas decided to make coffee his primary crop instead of sugarcane, laying the foundations for a profitable family business. In 1959, Vargas and his son Norman founded the Santa Eduviges coffee processing plant. 

Starting in the 1960s, and with ballooning production through the 1970s, the Vargas family increased raw and processed coffee yield immensely — producing as much as 15,000 bushels of coffee a year at one point. 

The Doka Estate, now headed by Vargas’ grandchildren since 1985, houses the oldest Wet Coffee Storage facility still in use — deemed a Costa Rican Historical and Architectural Heritage Site in 2003. 

On Amazon, Doka Estate coffees are available in ground or whole bean varieties. French roast, dark roast, medium roast, and espresso-type coffees are available. These coffees are usually the Arabica variety but can come in different blends. 

Café Volio

Café Volio is a Costa Rican coffee brand of the country’s San Jose administrative region. It was founded in 1938 by Frederico Volio — and the business quickly changed hands to his son-in-law Roberto Saenz and then eventually to a businessperson named Carlos Bombardelli Preciado. 

Originally located near San Jose’s Central Market area, Bombardelli moved Café Voliot to Curridabat, San Jose, and streamlined the company’s wares to only coffee products. Distribution flourished, and the company now has a large share of the Costa Rican coffee market. 

On Amazon, Café Volio coffee comes in both ground and whole bean varieties. These bags are available in quarter, half, and full kilogram bags. The coffee is 100% Arabica and comes in medium roast and blended varieties.

Café Monteverde

Café Monteverde is the product of an association of fifteen coffee-growing families from Costa Rica’s Monteverde region, located near the Monteverde Cloud Forest, a large rainforest preserve. Active in farming since the 1930s, these families formed their association in 1989. 

Since then, Café Monteverde has focused on producing coffees of all different roasts and processes. Their coffees are usually produced at altitudes ranging from 1,300 to 1,450 meters above sea level. Their coffee bean varieties are Venecia, Obata, Catuai, and Arabica – Caturra.  

On Amazon, Café Monteverde coffee is available in light, dark, and medium roasts. They are usually sold in one-pound bags and can be either whole or grounded coffee beans. 

Café Britt® – Costa Rican Blends Mixed Bundle Coffee:

*This combo offers an assortment of popular blends.
*Dark Roast, Light Roast, and Café Britt exclusive Fusión
* Café Britt is Costa Rica’s premier gourmet coffee company.
* Certified kosher and gluten-free.
* Premium ground coffee packaged in our triple-layer aluminum bag.

View further details here on Amazon:
Café Britt® – Costa Rican Blends Mixed Bundle Coffee:

Article Conclusion

Costa Rican coffee brands are no longer inaccessible to those outside of the coffee-growing country — in fact, quite the opposite is true. With sites like Amazon, you can explore the wide range of Costa Rican coffees, from the Central Valley to the foothills of volcanoes, from the Tarrazu growing region to the country’s northwestern Monteverde rainforests. As these coffees come in various roasts, weights, and forms (ground or whole bean), you will never have a shortage of excellent tropical coffees to choose from, a staple of Costa Rican culture.

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