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What Makes Costa Rican Coffee the Best?

Making Bad Coffee is Against the Law. Literally.

Costa Rica is the only country in the world where producing any other type of coffee aside from 100% Arabica—the highest quality coffee bean—is prohibited. A law was actually passed in 1989 stating that planting low-quality beans was against the law. This encouraged Costa Rican farmers to produce only the best.

Costa Rica Has the Most Ideal Climate for Growing Coffee Beans.

Arabica coffee beans come from such delicate plants that require special conditions to thrive. The mountainous areas and warm temperatures are the best environments for producing high-quality Arabica beans.

This ideal climate produces the best-tasting and very aromatic Costa Rican coffee beans.

Each Bean is Hand-Picked.

Not rushing the process is the secret to having the best brews. This is why only the most mature and ripest Costa Rican coffee beans are harvested and processed.

Instead of picking the beans from a plant at once, Costa Rican farmers treat each bean individually and allow them to grow in its own time. This way, they’re assured that only the best flavors come from Costa Rica.

Good Beans = Happy Environment

Costa Rica has laws that protect 21% of its land. This is why if you visit the country or enjoy Costa Rican blends at home, you’re assured that you’re not contributing to waste or bad farming practices. This is one of the country’s many ways of taking care of the planet.

Costa Rica Has 8 Coffee-Growing Regions

Thanks to the country’s diverse climate, they have a variety of microclimates and humidity that are all perfect for growing several types of coffee beans. Here are the different regions and the flavors they’re most famous for:

  • Guanacaste – produces smooth and light coffee with some bitter and salty notes.
  • Orosi – produces coffee that’s perfectly balanced and smooth.
  • Tres Ríos – produces coffee known for its balanced acidity, which is why coffee from this area is referred to as “the Bordeaux” of Costa Rica.
  • Tarrazú – produces coffee in various flavors including vanilla, chocolate, and orange.
  • Turrialba – produces light-bodied coffee with a soft aroma and mild acidity.
  • Brunca – known for its citrusy flavors, coffee from this region ranges from very mild to super sweet.
  • Valle Occidental (West Valley) – produces various coffee flavors like peach, vanilla, honey, orange, etc.
  • Valle Central (Central Valley) – produces sweet coffee with bold and aromatic flavors, mild acidity, and a heavy body.
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