Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers: 5 Best Ones To Buy This 2021

Are you planning to replace your old and busted coffee maker with something much more efficient? Then you’ve likely looked into Hamilton Beach Brewstation coffee makers.

Hamilton Beach is mostly known for its sleek and timeless range of coffee makers. But, with a lot of designs and options to choose from, how do you know which one to get?

That’s what we’re here for. We reviewed and ranked five of the best models in terms of functionality, performance, and convenience. We did all the research to make sure you find the one that meets your specific needs.

What are the Best Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers Today?

Hamilton Beach 47900 12-Cup BrewStation Coffee Machine

Almost all of the reviews of this model talk about how awesome this coffee maker is. It’s probably the most popular coffee machine in the BrewStation coffee machine product range!

To begin with, this model looks very sophisticated. Its minimalistic, black with stainless steel accent will fit well in all types of kitchens! It comes with a removable water tank that’s very easy to clean. Furthermore, you can choose among four different brewing options: regular, bold, iced, and one to four cups.

However, what makes this model stand out is its internal tank that holds the brewed coffee. This coffee machine has an internal heater to keep your coffee hot and taste fresh even after four hours!

This means you don’t need a carafe or a hot plate anymore. It also means no more extra parts to clean! Its programmable function allows you to set this machine to make coffee up to 24 hours in advance. So yes, all the hype is justified.

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
Easy to operate and cleanToo tall, may not fit under some kitchen cabinets
Programmable brew functionDifficult to move because of its rubber feet
AffordableKeeps coffee very warm rather than hot

Hamilton Beach 40540 BrewStation

Planning a large party or meeting in the future? Need coffee for a lot of people? This model can brew and store up to 40 cups of coffee!

It features an internal heater that helps keep your coffee fresh and hot. You don’t need to worry about burnt or over-brewed coffee, too. All you have to do is put your cup under the spout and press the dispensing bar.

The coffee filter basket is also easy to remove and is dishwasher-safe. This means there’s no need for coffee filters, making this product very easy to use and clean.

It comes with handles on both sides, so it’s easy to move and carry around. It’s multipurpose as well—it can double as a hot water dispenser. You can use it to make hot chocolate, tea, and even soup or instant noodles!

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
Compact and lightweightCan take a longer time to brew
Large brewing capacityThe dispenser sometimes leaks hot coffee

Hamilton Beach 46299 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

This is hands-down the best model from this line in terms of convenience, performance, and price. Our review aims to give you all the reasons why.

Firstly, it has a programmable brew feature that lets you set your brew time up to 24 hours in advance. This means you can program the machine to make you a cup as soon as you wake up!

Secondly, it comes with a glass carafe that holds up to 12 cups and a hot plate to keep coffee very warm. Compared to regular coffee maker hot plates, this one won’t scorch your brewed coffee. The hot plate is very easy to clean as well—just wipe it down with a cloth. You can clean both the carafe and the filter basket in the dishwasher.

Thirdly, this coffee maker boasts a two-hour shut-off function. Meaning, it will automatically shut off after two hours. This helps save energy and you don’t need to worry if you forgot to turn it off before leaving the house!

Then, it has a water tank that’s very easy to clean and a window to see how much water is left. This is a convenient way to let you know that it’s time to refill your reservoir. Its Auto Pause & Pour function lets you sneak a cup while the coffee brews—without leaks or spills!

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
Has three brewing optionsThe carafe isn’t easily replaceable
Two-hour auto shut off featureSome people find the brewed coffee a little too weak

Hamilton Beach 48465 Coffee Maker

Eyeing the 47900 but want a cheaper alternative? Get this one instead! This model looks and functions pretty much like the 47900 with just some small differences.

It has an internal tank to help keep coffee piping hot even without a carafe. It features a programmable brew feature like the 47900, too, so your coffee stays strong and fresh for four hours.

Moreover, this coffee maker can brew either hot or cold coffee. Want to brew a cup for yourself or make a small batch instead? Simply select the “one to four cups” option to make the perfect cup.

It works like a drip coffee maker as well, dispensing one cup at a time as needed. It’s super easy to use and makes great-tasting coffee!

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
Has a pleasant and minimalist designThe reservoir leaks from time to time
Lots of customizable optionsThe quality of the brewed coffee may deteriorate with time
Programmable brew function 

Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew Coffee Maker

Do you have a friend who drinks their coffee differently from you? Buying this coffee maker will help solve your problem!

It can brew coffee in two ways. For instance, you can brew a full pot using regular coffee grounds and brew a travel-size mug using K-cup pods. This 2-in-1 function makes this coffee maker very convenient to use. No more fighting over the coffee maker!

This machine features a programmable brew feature like other Hamilton Beach products. It also comes with an Auto Pause & Serve function that lets you grab a cup while the pot brews. Plus, it has a 2-hour auto shut-off feature that allows you to save more energy!

Lastly, its tank is fairly easy to remove and comes with a window to show how much water is left. This lets you know when it’s already time to refill the reservoir.

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
Dual brewing systemThe single-serve side breaks frequently
Programmable brew functionLeaks most of the time
Auto shutoff featureVery expensive

How Do I Choose the Right Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker?

Brew Time

Not all BrewStations have the same brewing time. Some models may only take less than a minute to brew a mug while others may take up to two.

This isn’t necessarily an issue if brewing for one person, but what if you have guests over? A longer brew time can be both annoying and inconvenient. This is because your first batch will be cold the moment you finish making coffee for everyone else.

So, it’s always best to buy a model with a fast brew time. One with a programmable brew function helps, too, so you can have coffee waiting for you in advance.

Brew Size

Sometimes, all you need is just a single-serve coffee maker. On the other hand, maybe you need a full 12-cup pot of coffee on some occasions. You may even need the large 40-cup feature for special events.

What’s great about the BrewStation line is that you can also use the 12-cup coffee makers to brew smaller batches. The “one to four cups” option is also convenient if making for a smaller group or just one person. It reduces the chances of your coffee going stale, so you don’t have to throw a whole pot.

Plus, the FlexBrew model is also convenient since you can brew two types of coffee at the same time. This option is perfect if you have a guest who prefers a different type of coffee from the others.

Custom Brewing Options

Each BrewStation model has different brewing options. Basic models only have the standard regular and bold options, while the advanced models have more customizable options.

For example, newer models like the 47900 have a “one to four cups” option that lets you brew a smaller batch. It has an iced coffee option as well. This is especially helpful if you drink hot coffee in winter and prefer iced coffee in summer.

Device Size

While the size of your coffee maker won’t affect the taste, it’s still a crucial factor to consider. It can be annoying to buy a coffee maker that won’t even fit under the kitchen cabinet!

Similarly, if you want a single-serve machine, consider the size of your cup or mug. Larger containers or carafes generally won’t fit under the dispenser.


We hope our Hamilton Beach coffee maker review gave you an idea of which model is right for you. Whatever model you choose, we guarantee they all make coffee that tastes great and keep your drink warm for hours.

Happy shopping and brewing!

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