Bodum Coffee Makers: The 6 Best Ones Money Can Buy

Coffee has been such an integral part of our everyday lives. This is why we consider coffee makers as one of the greatest inventions man has ever made. If you’re planning to replace your old coffee maker, you’ve probably come across the brand Bodum.

Bodum can help make that perfect cup of coffee that gives the right amount of energy to start your day. But, having good coffee is more than just getting the right brand of beans. You must also have the right type of coffee gear and Bodum understands exactly that.

This post lists down the best Bodum coffee makers depending on your needs. Let’s get started!

What are the Best Coffee Makers Bodum Currently Offers?

Bodum 11195-16US – Best Eileen French Press

Looking for a coffee maker that gives out the best brew and is affordable at the same time? Then this model is for you! It’s ideal for 3-3 servings and is dishwasher-safe, making it easy to wash after use.

The machine consists of a heat-resistant glass carafe to let you use any temperature when brewing your coffee. Meaning, you don’t have to worry that too much heat will break the glass carafe! It has a stainless steel frame, too, that holds and protects the glass carafe so it won’t break easily. The frame features a slotted design that allows you to see your coffee brewing from the outside.

Additionally, this model has a Santoprene-coated square-shaped handle to give a firm grip. This helps you pour your coffee easily and comfortably. It comes with a durable stainless lid and plunger as well.

It holds up to 34 ounces or 8 cups. We think is enough to last you and your family the whole day.

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
Dishwasher-safeA little bit flimsy
Replacement parts are availableThe brewing process needs to be monitored
Reduced wastage 

Bodum PEBO – Best Vacuum Coffee Maker and Siphon Coffee Brewer

Coffee lovers just want the perfect cup, right? This Bodum PEBO uses the vacuum brewing process, which ensures all the essential oils in the beans get extracted.

It makes sure that the aroma is secure and won’t escape. Therefore, every cup of coffee is guaranteed to be awesome! This model comes with heat-resistant bowls, too, to make it durable and last for a long time.

This machine brews coffee in the fastest time and with the best taste possible. It can brew from four to eight cups of coffee, which you and your friends can enjoy at any time.

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
Allows you to control the heatVery delicate
Fascinating brewing processCan be pretty costly
Parts are dishwasher-safe 

Bodum Chambord – Best French Press Coffee Maker

This coffee maker comes with a 3-part stainless filter to eliminate the need for coffee filters. The result is coffee with a subtle flavor with all of the oils to make it richer.

It can make up to eight cups of coffee per serving. So, if you like to drink coffee the whole day, this machine has got you covered. It comes with patented lids, too, to help prevent splashing while your coffee brews. So, you can use this coffee maker without pressing on the lid to avoid leaks and spills.

Furthermore, the handle is made of Chambord polypropylene to give you a comfortable grip while holding the brewer. It’s dishwasher-safe as well for quick and hassle-free cleaning.

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
Reduces the need for coffee filtersDoesn’t use a stove
Minimizes flavor wastageRelatively expensive
Comes with a spare beaker 

Bodum Young Press – Best 8-Cup Coffee Machine

This machine has a French press, which means you can use it in any environment to brew coffee. One of its main features is that it can keep the coffee’s maximum flavor. It extracts the right amounts of oils and acids from the beans to make your daily cup a lot tastier.

It’s made of stainless steel and consists of a 3-part stainless filter with a mesh. Therefore, your coffee will retain all its essential aromatic oils and its rich taste. Its durable design consists of a Santoprene frame that serves as a strong protective skin for the glass beaker.

Finally, the windows are made of borosilicate to protect the glass beaker from breakage. It prepares just the right amount of coffee per serving and comes with dishwasher-safe parts.

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
Has a beautiful designCleanup is slightly more difficult because of the coarse grind size
Saves on brewing timeNeeds to be monitored
Replacement beakers are available 

Bodum Double Wall Columbia – Best Coffee Maker

This is, by far, the best coffee maker model from the brand. Aside from its wonderful design, it’s made of high-quality materials to ensure it works perfectly.

It’s made of double stainless steel walls to help the coffee machine retain heat for a longer time. This thermal property makes sure that your coffee stays at the temperature you like, whether it’s hot or cold.

Moreover, it features a 3-part stainless steel filter that lets you extract all the coffee’s natural oils and aromas. The metallic mesh will guarantee a longer life span without problems and frequent repairs.

The coffee maker boasts a big handle to prevent the risk of spilling contents due to slipping. Plus, its twist-shut lid keeps coffee safe inside the gadget. In short, nothing will come out if not let out.

The best part? It’s dishwasher-safe!

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
The large handle offers a comfortable grip, while the patented safety lid prevents spillingSmaller than other models
Has a fine mesh filter that enables maximum extraction of the flavors and oilsCoffee doesn’t stay hot that long
All the parts are dishwasher-safe, making cleaning a breeze 

Bodum Coffee and Tea Press – Best Stainless Steel Travel Coffee Maker

Want to have your coffee anywhere you want or travel or walk around with it? This Bodum travel coffee maker makes that dream come true!

Firstly, it doubles as a coffee maker and a flask to keep your beverages. You literally make your coffee in this cup and store it here, too. Next, it’s made of double-wall stainless steel with a vacuum. This helps keep your drink at its most ideal temperature—either cold or hot.

Then, it comes with a non-slip silicone grip to help keep it in place while traveling or walking around with it. Moreover, the grips are available in a wide range of colors so you can choose one that best suits your personality.

Lastly, it has a spill-resistant lid to prevent the contents from spilling while moving around. This makes sure that the contents of the flask stay within the flask.

What We LikeWhat We Didn’t Like
Portable, enables you to have coffee on-the-goYou can’t microwave it
Durable and dishwasher-safeChances of coffee grounds escaping from the plunger
Has a non-slip grip for easy traveling 

What Should I Look For When Buying a Coffee Machine?


Make sure to check how much coffee your appliance can hold. Are you the type who drinks a cup just to start their day or do you drink the entire day? This is where the question of how much water your coffee machine can store enters.

Plus, you need to know how many cups of coffee your device can make. This is to ensure that it meets your requirements, whether at home or work.


We all wish to own something that lasts a long time and something that doesn’t break down or malfunction frequently.

Repairs can be time-consuming and very costly. Luckily, you don’t have to watch your money go down the drain. Many coffee machine brands on the market that promise both durability and longevity.


There are many reasons you may need your coffee as quickly as possible.

For example, you’re running late for a meeting. Or maybe you have a great idea that you can turn into reality only with a cup of coffee nearby. So, your machine should be able to work for you—not the other way around.


There’s nothing more irritating than having a machine that’s so complex and complicated. Machines that are like this can be hard to operate and manipulate. Therefore, you should always look for coffee machines that are easy to understand and simple to operate. This makes the coffee-making process effortless and enjoyable rather than stressful and tedious.


Drinking coffee can be a pleasant experience if you know how to make and preserve it correctly. However, aside from buying the right beans, having the right coffee maker can make or break the way you look at your cup of joe.

We hope this article has made you wiser when it comes to choosing your next coffee maker. In addition to that, we included some of the best Bodum coffee makers available to help with the selection process.

Happy shopping and brewing!

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