Kaldi coffee roasters: Kaldi review and step by step guide

This article is a Kaldi coffee roaster review and guide, incorporating a step-by-step guide on how to roast your first batch of coffee beans.

Roasting your own coffee beans with a Kaldi home roasting machine will take the fun and coffee experience to another level. Impress your dinner guest with the aroma of the coffee beans roasting in readiness for the finishing coffee. Make sure you roast enough because you know they will want a second cup.

Covered in this article on Kaldi coffee roasters for the home along with add on equipment. All of these Kaldi coffee-related products are available direct from your Amazon store. As the main product example from their range, I will concentrate on the KALDI Home Coffee Roaster Motorized Full Package.

KALDI Home Coffee Roaster Motorized Full Package

What you get with your Kaldi purchase:

  1. Main unit
  2. Thermometer
  3. Hopper
  4. Probe rod
  5. Chaff holder
  6. Gas burner (Not included, but the Square Heavy- Duty Single Burner Outdoor Stove Propane Gas Cooker is a good choice)
  7. Free volt adaptor included.

The item manufacturer has advised a 250gm capacity of coffee beans. A customer review advises 235gm batches can be made with zero difficulty. My advice would be to start with 200gm and then work up from there and if any difficulty shows its head, take a little step back in quantities. As stated, the machine can do 250gm, which is great for what most families will need.

Kaldi Home Coffee Roaster Pros:

  1. Well packaged and fully assembled
  2. Excellent fit & finish with beautifully polished thick gauge stainless steel
  3. Perforated s/s drum with precision holes
  4. Copper drum sleeve, optionally removable
  5. Excellent agitation of coffee beans
  6. Capacity easily greater than 1/2 lb. of beans
  7. Also excellent for small-batch sample roasts
  8. The temperature probe sits in a rotating bean mass.
  9. Very responsive to temperature adjustments, when desired, by adjusting your gas burner ( more responsive than using a frying pan on a gas burner)
  10. Roast time can easily be adjusted from 10 to 15 plus minutes, depending on the burner setting.
  11. Excellent design of passive convection, no need for additional blower fan
  12. Works very well in home set on a standard gas burner and range hood
  13. The drum is angled up on the open end to prevent the spilling of rotating beans. One customer feedback advised 235gm was max because of bean spillage. Perhaps accurate weighing was the problem.
  14. Very easy to hear first and second cracks emanating from the drum opening
  15. Nice probe rod (trier) for sampling beans during the roasting
  16. Roaster requires no maintenance cleaning other than dumping chaff collector & surface.
  17. It’s a well-constructed roaster. 
  18. Tiny footprint. (Source)

Kaldi Home Coffee Bean Roaster Cons:

  1. Some drum rotation noise
  2. Housing gets very hot
  3. Motor conducts heat from housing and gets slightly hot.
  4. The frame does not sit well on some burner grates and may need support rods.
  5. The included analog thermometer is not responsive enough for precise roasting and should be replaced with a digital temperature probe.
  6. Positioning the trier next to the thermometer is slightly tight and awkward when sliding into the bean mass.
  7. Positioning the thermometer is also a little tricky. It must be angled into an 11/2″ drum opening and the bean mass while avoiding the drum agitation vanes and leaving enough lateral room for the trier to be inserted when desired.
  8. Some chaff falls under the drum and into the burner area and requires an additional clean up (vacuuming) after roasting. (Source)

Step By Step Guide To Roasting Coffee Beans With The Kaldi Roaster:

  1. Position roaster, so the drum is centered over a gas burner (use support rods if necessary). If you have an excellent ventilation hood, use this on a natural gas stove indoors. Many buyers appear to prefer to use a stove outdoors.
  2. Slide on chaff collector and slip the pre-positioned temperature probe into the drum
  3. Attach the power supply mini plug
  4. Flip on the motor switch on the top
  5. Turn on the digital thermometer
  6. Turn on the gas burner to medium and hood to medium
  7. In less than 2 minutes and at about 350 degrees, lift-off chaff collector, slip-on hopper, and dump beans into drum
  8. Remove hopper, replace chaff collector/probe unit
  9. At about 7 minutes and 380 degrees, reduce heat and ease into the first crack
  10. As the first crack slows, increase heat (always use some heat rise to avoid stall)
  11. If going into the second crack, adjust burner heat for the rate you want while testing roast with trier
  12. When ready to end roast, move quickly and:
    a. turn burner off
    b. lift chaff collector off
    c. grab roaster handle in one hand, motor body in another hand, dumping beans into an external vacuum cooling bowl
    d. turn motor off
    e. after beans are cool, turn hood off and vacuum chaff debris over and around burner area. (Source)

Note: A decent fast roast can be achieved by just leaving the burner on medium, or you can customize and develop your roast profiles with burner adjustments. Inherent convection airflow is adequate and needs no adjustment or additional blower fan. All roasts were done with the copper sleeve removed from the drum. All beans roasted in the fully perforated drum have been of excellent and uniform quality. This unit came with a 120V to 12VDC adaptor terminating in a 5.5 mm mini plug. (Source)

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Article Conclusion:

Different sizes of the Kaldi coffee roaster are available but I am sure this size will be a great choice. If you have found this page to be of help to you, it would be awesome to share this page for me. (Thank you).

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