Coffee Boosts – What To Add To Coffee To Make It Taste Better

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A lot of good cups of coffee can stand alone in terms of flavor. This owes to the tastes of specific coffee strains, roasts, and coffee beans’ originating regions. This, however, is not always the case — and sometimes, you might want to add more flavor even to excellent coffees. But what exactly do you add to make coffee taste better? This article will explore different ingredients and their potentially flavorful impacts on your next cup of coffee.

Flavors to Add to Coffee to Make It Taste Better:

Cocoa Powder

Adding a teaspoon of cocoa powder can be added to provide a complexly sweet bitter taste to your brew.


You can add a piece of peppermint candy to sweeten your coffee or just a small leaf of fresh mint to add a sharp, fresh taste.


Try adding fresh ground ginger root or stem to your coffee to add a unique spicy flavor — or an eighth of a teaspoon of dry ginger powder. 


You can grind dried cardamom pods with your coffee beans and brew them both in a French press – giving you tastes of traditional Turkish coffee.

Vanilla Extract

With 1/4th to 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract, you can change your coffee into a smooth, flavorful drink.


Like it does with other foods, salt brings out the existing natural flavors of coffee. Add a tiny amount of salt before grinding coffee beans, or add a small sprinkle to your mug.


Use cinnamon sticks to stir your coffee, or add a small amount of ground cinnamon to your existing cup or mug for an intriguing spicy blend.


You can add a tiny amount of ground nutmeg for a fragrant, warm, and slightly spicy flavor to your coffee. 


Chocolate adds the fats, sugars, and dairy solids that you can’t get with cocoa alone. Add the equivalent of a few chocolate chips (or more!). You can experiment with milk, dark, and bittersweet chocolates, too. Personally, I also add a tiny pinch of salt for my taste.


Adding a tiny amount of dried lavender flowers to your light roast coffee can bring a spring-like floral taste to your cup. 


If you like the taste of pumpkin pie, you can add a bit of this warm-tasting spice to your coffee. Add a tiny amount of ground cloves to give your coffee a pleasant flavor. 

Lemons or Lime

A bit of lemon or lime peel zest or freshly squeezed juice added to your drink complements the bitterness of dark roasts. Add small amounts until you get the quantity you prefer.

Peppermint Oil

Try adding drops of peppermint oil to get a measured taste you can’t get with fresh peppermint or candy.

Star Anise

A half-pod or less of this licorice-tasting fruit outer layer will add a completely new twist to your daily cup. 

Sweeteners to Add to Coffee to Make It Taste Better:


The most common sweetener out there, you can experiment with light and dark varieties. Try smaller amounts to get a subtle taste. 


There are many different honey varieties when it comes to adding a flowery, naturally sweet flavor to your coffee. Remember that with honey, less might be more, but add the amount that suits your tastes. 

Stevia Sweetener

Stevia sweetener is derived from the Stevia plant that can assist without the need for sugar. Many times sweeter than sugar, it might even add a licorice-like flavor to your coffee.

Agave syrup

Agave syrup is reminiscent of honey but has a flavor all of its own. Adding a teaspoon or two to your dark roast coffees can liven up intense roasted flavors.

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup can add a bright, light type of sweetness to your coffee. Natural maple syrup also contains healthy antioxidants. 


Another potent antioxidant, dark molasses, has a natural spiciness as well as a somewhat sweet flavor. Try to add a little bit at a time to suit your tastes.

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Dairy to Add to Coffee to Make It Taste Better:


Milk can reduce the bitter flavor of your coffee and counteract acidic flavors. As milk might add unwanted calories to your drink, try adding skim milk or half-fat varieties.


The cream is like milk but decreases the bitterness of your coffee to an even greater extent. Adding cream to your coffee gives it a smooth, rich flavor.

Half & Half

Though it may not be strictly half cream (or milk fat) and milk, half & half adds a lightness and potential sweetness to your coffee. 


One half of a full cup of a trendy coffee flavor, butter (specifically ghee or clarified butter), apparently reduces hunger cravings throughout the day and will moderate the caffeine effects.

Ice Cream

Adding a bit of vanilla ice cream to your coffee may seem counterintuitive, but it has all the sugar, flavorings, and cream fat you might already add to your usual cup of coffee.

Non-Dairy to Add to Coffee to Make It Taste Better:

Soy Milk

Soy milk comes in so many flavors, including vanilla, plain, chocolate, and even eggnog. If you aren’t drinking milk these days, you will want to give soy milk a try in your dark roast.

Almond Milk

Like soymilk, almond milk comes in several flavors and healthy light varieties. If you are looking for a lighter-than-soymilk non-dairy alternative, almond milk gives your coffee a clean, nutty flavor. 

Coconut Milk

If you like the taste of coconut in cookies or baked goods, you might want to give it a chance in your coffee. As coconut milk is too fatty, use light coconut milk to add a classic tropical flavor. 

Coconut Oil

Take half of a full cup of a favorite coffee flavor, add coconut oil, and blend with butter and liquid coffee for a substantial drink that likely won’t leave you hungry. 


For a genuinely different coffee experience, some alcohol might be what you are seeking. Generally, whiskeys and cream liquors are standard coffee companions, but other sweet liquors may be in order as well. 

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Article Conclusion 

Different ingredients can add a variety of flavors that can complement and improve your daily brew. There so many elements to choose from, for when you personalize your next cup of coffee your own.

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