Coffee Guide: What Is So Special About Arabica Coffee?

With all the many varieties of coffee beans and great coffee drinks to choose from. Let’s find out about Arabica coffee and why it’s special and the perfect daily pick-me-up drink!

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What is Arabica Coffee?

A coffee crafted from the Coffea Arabica plant’s beans, Arabica coffee comes from Ethiopia’s southwestern highlands. It’s the most popular coffee type globally as it makes up more than half of global coffee production.

What Does Arabica Coffee Taste Like?

High-quality Arabica beans are most likely to give off a sweet, soft taste with hints of fruit, berries, nuts, or chocolate. This type of coffee’s acidity is higher, leaving you with a slightly bitter but pleasant taste. Cold brewing can undoubtedly put the accent on Arabica coffee’s sweet flavors.

There are a handful of factors that will affect the flavors. These include the roast you choose and the area where the beans are grown. These factors go along with the soil composition and even the ways you store your coffee beans. Proper storage allows them to stay fresh and of premium quality, preserving those special flavor notes.

The majority of the coffee beans you’ve checked out at your local markets, grocery stores, and cafes are likely to be Arabica coffee. However, some brands will come up with a blend of Arabica and robusta coffee beans, particularly for their espresso blends. All these delicious coffee drinks you’ve been consuming? Yes, there’s a high chance that all of them are Arabica coffee.

Lavazza Espresso Italiano Whole Bean Coffee Blend, Medium Roast
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Why Is Arabica Coffee Expensive?

As mentioned, Arabica coffee beans make up practically the entire menu of your favorite coffee shops and cafes. You can even brew your exquisite-tasting fair coffee at home, too, thanks to the wide availability of Arabica coffee beans.

So Arabica coffee will cost you a bit more, but it’s far more satisfying for your taste buds.

What makes them a bit pricier than others is how these organic coffee beans are grown. Without any artificial fertilizers, owners of these coffee bean plantations grow their farms in a much more sustainable means. 

Without using harmful chemicals, they get to produce a milder coffee bean. Even if you are paying a hefty price tag for organic coffee beans, rest assured you’re contributing to these hardworking farmers’ job security and helping boost the coffee industry all over the world.

Colombian coffee is often deemed as the coffee with the most outstanding quality in the world. Colombia has grown Arabica beans because its geography allows them to be well-suited for producing delicious brews. 

However, while high-quality coffee beans are often associated with Colombia, they are grown commercially in over 80 countries. Coffee is only produced in areas near the equator, between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Although these beans are grown at different altitudes, experts conclude that the finest coffee beans can be raised and harvested at high altitude lands.

Why Should I Buy Wholesale Arabica Coffee Beans?

Let’s look into wholesale coffee beans, which are now readily available online, and help you decide on your next coffee purchase. 


Wholesale buying ensures you that you’re paying less for fresher coffee beans. It allows you to get rid of the hefty prices that come with retail buying, notably savings that are 20-30% less than store prices. The savings are remarkable as compared to purchasing small quantities.


Many coffee shops opt to purchase only the coffee beans that are well-loved by their customers. On the other hand, when you buy from coffee wholesalers, you get to enjoy a broader range of blends, roasts, bands, and single origins- the options are endless! Choose from multiple types of Arabica coffee beans along with decaffeinated and flavor-coated beans, among others.


When you purchase coffee beans in bulk, you don’t only have a large assortment of brews, but you also get to ensure beans’ quality. You won’t have to rely anymore on your local shop and what they can offer you on this particular day. Instead, you get to serve high-quality coffee that’s sure to wow a crowd.


Coffee wholesalers send out large quantities of coffee beans, whether it’s daily or monthly. With this high volume, their stocks are turned around quickly, so you can be sure that purchasing from them will yield only fresh coffee and not those beans that have been lying around for a while. 

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What’s So Special About Kona Coffee?

Across the world, most coffee beans grow in sub-tropical climates. The altitude at which coffee beans are significantly grown affects their flavor. Coffee grown at a higher elevation is likely to yield better quality. In turn, this high level of quality would mean complex flavor notes compared to coffee grown at a lower elevation. Higher elevations also mean better drainage, resulting in less water in the beans and greater flavor concentration.

Also, the fruit of the coffee plant can be harvested only when it is truly ripe. This would mean a supply of ripe coffee beans all year round, offering you premium coffee quality and the most flavorful, enjoyable coffee all the time.

Coffee from the Kona region of Hawaii has soared to incredible popularity over the years. Kona has one of the finest varieties of Arabica coffee grown in the United States, thanks to its Mauna Loa region, where the coffee plant greatly thrives. 

Putting together the high elevation, fertile and mineral-rich volcanic soil, good soil drainage, and favorable weather conditions, all these factors allow Kona to grow excellent Arabica coffee beans.

Hand-picking the red coffee cherries is preferred by most farmers, even if it takes a longer time. Coffee cherries do not ripen simultaneously, so pickers may have to return to these trees a couple of times before being able to harvest cherries that have truly ripened- the fully red ones. This is a process they can’t do when using mechanical harvesting equipment that only draws out everything from a tree all at once.

Picking coffee cherries by hand is practically an art that’s been perfected by Kona pickers. They take a branch and remove all the cherry in one quick movement, hence the name strip picking. The coffee cherries are selectively picked, which takes so much more time but brings on far better quality outcomes. 

The picked beans are then processed, dried, and sorted by size, shape, weight, and other factors that determine the coffee’s quality. They can now be shipped out to the roasters or be pre-roasted for consumer consumption!

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Why Do I Need to Buy Freshly Roasted Arabica Coffee Beans?

Here’s one big tip: have the coffee beans roasted when you purchase them to bring out their flavor and freshness. Once they undergo roasting, their full flavor and pungent aroma can quickly deteriorate. By the time individual coffee beans reach the store shelves, they’ve already lost a good deal of flavor. 

Vacuum sealing and storing them in freezers, though, may hold back this process, which, in turn, can yield a full-flavored cup of coffee in at most 6 to 8 weeks.

That’s why it’s so important to choose who to buy freshly roasted Arabica coffee beans from. It won’t ever be the same if you go back to buying cheap coffee beans at your grocery store. For genuine gourmet coffee beans, ask your merchants if they’re willing to roast the beans only when you’ve placed your order and have these shipped promptly. 

Best Selling Arabica Coffee on Amazon:

Advert. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This does not affect the price you pay.

Article Conclusion:

Buying online is probably one of the best ways of buying freshly roasted Arabica coffee beans if you don’t have local shops that allow bean roasting within their premises. This way, you know you’ll have fresh, authentic coffee waiting for you every morning!

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