Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Coffee Bean Grinder

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This article covers a detailed look at the types of coffee bean grinders available and aims to identify which grinder is best for your coffee needs.

The coffee grinder is a key piece of equipment for obtaining the coffee flavor you are looking for. Knowing what your needs are when making coffee and the key elements of the different types of grinders are key to obtain the correct coffee grinder. If buying a coffee grinder as a gift, you will need to know how they drink their coffee and if they appreciate a suitable grinder. So if you are very fond of coffee, it will be one of the elements to think about, and if you are an experienced coffee drinker, it is a fundamental element to reach the coffee quality you deserve.

But first, let’s resolve the question you may be thinking about:

Why Do I Want a Coffee Grinder If I Can Buy Ground Coffee?

I have a coffee grinder because of the work that it saves me. People often buy pre-ground coffee because of how cumbersome they believe it is to grind coffee. Once you have ground your own quality cup of coffee that you put on a table, you will know why to is worth the effort.

There are two fundamental reasons why grinding your own coffee is better:

Coffee beans keep much better than ground coffee.

Coffee can remain stored without being altered, or its properties reduced for weeks, provided it is properly packaged and stored properly. If you grind the coffee, it begins to lose quality very quickly; in a matter of minutes, it will not be the same coffee as before grinding it. In fact, when you are out and buy a coffee, you will prefer it when the coffee beans are freshly ground. I am sure you can remember the last coffee you bought and how you saw the beans ground in readiness.

But I always say the same thing, when you buy a coffee in bean form, you are buying a better coffee than when you buy that same old ground coffee. No matter how delicious it is. Even when the same coffee has been drunk for a long time, you will see the same origin and processing difference. With the same roast and the only difference between the two, one is ground and the other beans before you grind them. The difference can be quite surprising.

The coffee needs to be ground for a specific type of coffee maker.

The coffee that we can purchase already ground usually has a standard thickness, so using that ground, it will cost us more to get the most out of our coffee maker to offer you exactly what you need. I am trying to say that I would need more pre-ground coffee than my own ground to get the same flavor level.

The most common thing in the sale to individuals is that they have thought about a filter coffee maker because it has an intermediate grind, which minimizes the error of using it to make coffee in another coffee maker. The degree of grinding is not designed.

For many, I will not be saying anything new when I say that the thickness of the grind is decisive in the final result of the coffee.

What ground does my coffee maker need?

Broadly speaking, there are four types of coffee grinding:

Espresso makers:

The espresso type needs a very fine one, practically powder, and coffee turned into powder is usually used in Turkish coffee. Achieving this degree of the grind without a professional coffee grinder is difficult.

Italian coffee makers:

Italian ones require a fine grind but not as fine as the espresso requirement.

Filter coffee makers:

These filters require an intermediate one; hence many brands prefer this thickness because it is halfway to the other two predominant thicknesses. This saves money in the processing steps. 

Plunger, or French Press coffee makers:

The plunger or French press, a thick one, because you are going to infuse the coffee in the water for minutes.

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So what kind of coffee grinder do I buy?

It depends on your needs. You are not a professional coffee maker, but you are an individual who loves their coffee. Take a look at the product examples shown in this article and research which ones will provide the best coffee flavor for your tastes.

The wheels or blades mill?

This is one of the first questions one may ask when deciding to buy a coffee grinder, professional or not.

The differences between the two models are clear.

The first uses sharp metal sheets to turn the coffee into small particles.

For its part, the grinding wheel has several grinding stones that grind the coffee to the thickness we need.

The option with blades has a drawback, and that is that when the blade comes into contact with the coffee bean at speed, the coffee will increase in temperature so that it can affect the roasting point of the coffee.

The grinding wheels are also much better adjusted to achieve a specific distance between them and adapt them to the grinding we want, finer or coarser depending on our needs.

Wheel mills

If you are a foodie and you can afford it, why not buy a professional grinder? But you can actually survive with another type of cheaper grinder. You can use a manual grinder, which is my first recommendation if you don’t want to spend much and you are not exactly a larger volume coffee drinker.

Interestingly, the grinder is adjustable to obtain the necessary thickness for the coffee. There are manual grinding wheels of these characteristics for sale at a reasonable price, some of them being extra add ons for your grinder. For just over twenty euros, you can obtain a good selection.

Manual grinders use the same mechanisms as the electric ones but without the motor to assist you. We give you the power with manual traction to grind the beans. If you don’t want to endure the manual effort, you can always buy an electric grinder for your home. This will cost you a little more, but it will save you the effort each time.

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Professional coffee mills with cone-shaped or flat wheels.

Grinders with cone-shaped grinding wheels

They can be found in a fairly wide range of qualities and have good value for money depending on brands and ranges. There are varieties from the simplest and cheapest to the most expensive, with important technical innovations added.

The range of prices and features of this type of coffee grinder is enormous. Due to their design, those with cones have a much larger surface than the flat ones, regardless of their diameter, so they cut faster. Remember what has been said about the speed of service. The quality of the coffee is not worth much if it takes an hour to serve your coffee.

Coffee mills with flat wheels.

These use a flat disc, with a series of teeth arranged so that they are against the plate, so to speak. You will find them in the intermediate price ranges up to some more expensive models. They are generally larger in diameter than cone-shaped ones and can cut just as well, making their surface area larger due to increased size.

The wheels of the steel or ceramic coffee mills?

A quality grinder can have grinding wheels made of both ceramic and steel. You can choose what you prefer to mount for a certain range of brand grinders on many occasions. You can find them mounted with both steel wheels and ceramic wheels in grinders of any range. Neither material is better than the other. They do have different qualities that may be good to value when buying a professional coffee grinder.

Blade mills or blades.

Knife grinders, whether manual or electric, start from the same base. Coffee is obtained by chopping the coffee with the blade. Blade or blade mills cut the grains with a rotating blade connected to a traction system that rotates them. In electric mills, an electric motor is responsible for the speed rotation of the blades. The thickness of the grain obtained is when it applies speed to these blades so that they grind. With practice, you will know when your beans are ground enough.

At the same time, the degree of coffee grinding, which is also related to the speed that these blades reach.

You will have to calculate by eye when you should stop grinding because you have reached the right degree of grinding for your coffee maker.

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Article Conclusion:

Hopefully, you have found this article informative and interesting as I did when writing it. If you have found this page to help you, it would be awesome to share this page with me. (Thank you).

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